Exhibited at Espacio Trapézio, Madrid 2015

In the project Archived Impressions the artistic research is focused on how the brain store memories. In our long-term memory, all the moments of our lives can be archived, here we are able to store an unlimited amount of impressions. Scientists describe the memory as an archive with boxes, a collage or a puzzle of sense impressions. Most of our memories exist in our unconscious but we are able to recall them with help of clues and associations.

Archived Impressions is an experiment in recalling forgotten memories and visualise them. In every painting, I try to recollect and capture the sense impression of a specific memory. I build, destroy and rebuild. The result becomes boxes, a puzzle of my mind.

All paintings ar paintings - 50x70 cm

After, I washed my hands, before the others woke up

I knew from the beginning that it would end

No one could catch me

I always played with concentration

I thought it was an eternity of nothing

When I woke up we were already on our way

Everything can grow here she told me

All that we didn't have